• Domino's Pizza Order Tracker

    When you order a pizza online from Domino's, you are able to track its status online from the moment the order was placed to the second it gets delivered to your door.

    Domino's pizza can be ordered through their home page, just go to their website: http://www.dominos.com/ and find the link to "ORDER" on the top.

    Once you have placed your order, you should be automatically taken to the tracking page. If not, or if you want to access it later, click on "Tracker" on the navigation bar and enter your phone number to access your order. Here is the direct link to the Domino's pizza tracker:


    once there, you can choose from various different themes: Original theme, Baseball Theme, Romantic Theme, Pizza Oven Theme, Gold Theme, and megaphone theme.

    You can also click on "Surf with tracker" to surf the web while having the tracker status on the top so you can monitor its progress while browsing your favorite websites.

    The pizza statuses are:

    Order Placed: Order was received and processed successfully. This is the first stage of the tracker, and status should be set to that right after you have placed your order.

    Prep: Your pizzas are being prepared. This includes the dough and placing the saucing and toppings on your pizza.

    Bake: Your pizza is in the oven!

    Quality Check: Your pizza has been baked and is now inspected for quality.

    Out for delivery: Your pizza is on route and should be at your home any moment! Enjoy!
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    1. localbizexpress's Avatar
      localbizexpress -
      What a great interactive model to offer your customers

      Fill your restaurant at the push of a button!
    1. jalepeno's Avatar
      jalepeno -
      They also have a tracker in-store.
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