• Steps to Prepare Fruit Pizza

    Goes without saying, fruit pizzas taste great. Not to forget the fact that they are a healthier option over the conventional pizzas. Most people consider fruit pizza during warm afternoons. Apart from this, its also considered as a great breakfast item. After all, its an excellent way to kick start your day with the freshness of fruits.

    Today, not many people out there realize that fruit pizzas are easier to prepare. Realistically speaking, there are no standard rules for preparing fruit pizzas. Your creativity can be your best friend, which will help you prepare a fruit pizza that best pleases your taste buds. You can easily include a variety of different fruits as per your likings. Over here, you dont have to worry about custard filling or a tart pan.

    You can press the complete roll of sugar cookie dough into a baking pan or pizza pan. You can start off by baking the dough as per the instructions mentioned on the package. One should allow the baked cookie to cool down before advancing to the next step. Once the baked cookie cools down completely, you can add 8 ounces of cream cheese to it along with one cup of granulated sugar. Make sure that you mix these ingredients well. It should be evenly spread over the entire crust of the cookie. You have to stop at around half an inch from the edge.

    While the pan is cooling, you can consider cutting and cleaning the fruits that you want to include in your recipe. You can cut the fruits in desired shapes before placing them wherever you want. Needless to say, your creatively will play a great role, when it comes to choosing the fruits, cutting them into different sizes and placing them beautifully on the slices.

    Your best bet would be to make use of seasoned fruits on top of the pizza to add an extra flair to the delicious food. You should make sure that you cut the seasoned fruits into small slices before adding them on the top of the pizza. Two tablespoons of water and orange marmalade can be brushed on top to prevent the fruits from browning out. Fruits pizzas taste best if they are served after two hours of refrigeration. You can consume them immediately as well. Remember to try different fruits every time you decide to prepare a fruit pizza. In this manner, you will never get bored of the delicious and healthy food.
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