• Explore Varieties of Cheese Pizza

    When we talk about pizza, cheese is the first thing that crosses most minds. To a great extent, pizza and cheese go hand in hand because most pizzas are incomplete without quality cheese. Lets have a look at the different varieties of cheese that you can use while preparing a pizza. One can either stick to a single or a combination of two or more cheese to prepare a mouthwatering pizza.

    Without blinking an eye, one will agree to the fact that mozzarella is the most popular cheese used in pizzas. Today, its made from cows milk. Unlike other cheese, mozzarella has low moisture content.

    Parmesan Cheese
    Parmesan Cheese is a hard and tasty cheese. Like Mozzarella, its commonly included in a pizza. Its available in two forms-fresh and dried. Its believed that the best pizza flavor can be derived from fresh parmesan cheese. Some of the popular brands of parmesan cheese include a coating of anti-caking agent which prevents the cheese from getting clumsy.

    Blue Cheese
    Blue cheese is rich in flavor and it tastes quite sweet. Although its not widely used in pizza as compared to other cheese, it still forms a part of a pizza in combination with mozzarella or parmesan cheese. Those who use blue cheese in a pizza usually consider beef, mushroom, chicken, pineapple and pepper as toppings.

    Smoked Cheese
    Its believed that smoked cheese add a unique flavor to any pizza. While not everyone out there is a fan of smoked cheese, there are some who love smoked cheese flavored pizza to the core.

    Swiss Cheese
    Swiss is a salty cheese, which offers great flavor. Its usually used sparingly in combination with other cheese because it gets rubbery after melting.

    Cheddar Cheese
    Cheddar is a kind of cheese that melts well. That being said, it does not stretch after melting, which is why its used in conjunction with other popular cheese while preparing a pizza. One is advised to use the cheese sparingly because it can dominate the pizza flavor.

    Today, many brands include a blend of different cheese. For instance, a particular pizza cheese product may include 50% mozzarella, 25% cheddar and 25% blue cheese. Combination of different varieties of cheese always works great because it contributes to the taste and flavor. Its a great idea to experiment with different varieties of cheese to come up with a uniquely flavored and delicious pizza.
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