• Good Recipe for Pizza Dough

    Today, pizza is a widely consumed fast food. Needless to say, there are many things that go into the making of a pizza. You canít really afford to praise one single ingredient for a delicious pizza. One of the elements that contribute to the overall taste of a pizza is the dough. In fact, quality dough can be the secret recipe of a mouth watering pizza. So, what is the ideal recipe for good pizza dough? Letís have a look at it now:

    To prepare quality pizza dough, you would require certain basic ingredients such two tablespoon of yeast and honey, half teaspoon of salt and one fourth cup of olive oil. Besides this, you will need one cup of warm water and half a cup of flour. Once these ingredients are gathered, you can mix pizza dough in this recipe with the aid of a food processor or bread machine. If you donít own any of these tools, you can mix them with your bare hands.

    Those who choose to mix pizza dough ingredients in a food processor should first add a cup of warm water into the processor. One should then include honey and salt into the food processor, and then mix them for nearly thirty seconds on low. Flour and olive oil would be the next addition over here. Once you add these ingredients, mix them well for nearly two minutes on high. Ideally, at this stage the dough will ball up. You will have to add more flour or water if the dough doesnít ball up. Keep adding flour or water in small increments over here until the ball forms up. In case, you are using your hands for mixing the pizza dough, you will use a spoon to mix all the components, preferably in a large bowl.

    Lastly, knead the dough for about a minute and allow it to dry for about fifty minutes. After the waiting period of fifty minutes is over, one should knead the dough again before allowing it to dry for another thirty minutes. Once the dough is completely dry, one can roll out the dough to add cheese, sauce and other toppings. While these essentials will certainly add to the taste and flavor, bad dough can still spoil the fun. Remember, good pizza dough can make or break your day because it can be a difference maker between a good and a bad pizza.
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    1. shah.baz's Avatar
      shah.baz -
      This Recipe for Pizza is really looking very Good and I would try this at haome. Thanks
    1. ragavang43's Avatar
      ragavang43 -
      Really Good and thinkin of tryin out at home.....
    1. agostino221's Avatar
      agostino221 -
      Don't you just wonder why all pizzas seem so different? Apart from the variation in the toppings and other ingredients, the basic comparison lies, more often than not, in the crust.

      Different techniques, unique procedures, dissimilar ingredients - wide difference in the end result.

      Indeed, one of the most complicated facets of making pizza is dough. There are simply too many ways for something to go wrong in the whole process.

      To aid you in making the excellent crust of pizza, I will be stating briefly my simple guide to your authentic Neapolitan pizza dough - eliminating unnecessary mistakes in every stage.

      Neapolitan pizza dough must be soft, fragrant and light!

      These characteristics are dependent, as I've mentioned earlier, on the type and quality of the ingredients, their measurements or quantity, and techniques or methods of preparation.

      The Neapolitan dough is typically made of high-quality flour, salt, water, and fresh yeast.

      A fine pizza crust can be created with only these ingredients.

      Let me go back to the characteristics of authentic Neapolitan dough then, one of the secrets of pizza perfection.

      The Neapolitan dough is soft - which means you could actually fold your pizza into four once cooked. If you can't do that with your final product, there must be something wrong with your dough preparation technique.

      It should be light and easy on your belly. It should be light such that even if you're done with your pizza, you don't feel bloated or stuffed, as if you have swallowed a mountain!

      An ideal description of its lightness would be your capability to go for another round of pizza, and get the same satisfaction.

      I need not elaborate on how "fragrant" your dough should be. It should smell nice and yummy!

      If your dough has these characteristics, you are already well under way to producing your perfect authentic Neapolitan pizza.

      Although it may sound a bit complex, let me break down the procedure in dough preparation in three simple parts - the preparation techniques of the dough, the rising of the dough, and working the dough.

      During my travels in various parts of the world, I was surprised to know that most pizzerias claiming to be makers of authentic Neapolitan pizza don't even know, much less follow, these age-old procedures! You know the result, as it is directly reflected in their final production of pizza.

      The preparation techniques of the dough involve the careful preparation of choice ingredients in their exact measurements, and mixture of these ingredients either by industrial machine or through traditional means - by hand.

      The rising of the dough involves forming of the dough into small balls with prescribed size or weight, leaving them to rest and mature, and putting and removing the dough into a fridge at some prescribed temperature and duration.

      Now, working the dough is, should I say, the most exciting part. It involves one's passion for pizza-making, utilising one's bare hands as if you're intimately crafting a masterful art.

      An authentic Neapolitan pizza's main characteristic is its large airy crust. You cannot achieve this if you're going to use a rolling pin or a pasta machine to roll out the dough of pizza since it will be evenly spread, losing the "large airy characteristic."

      If you are able to correctly execute the procedures to your mix, you will have your authentic final product: Neapolitan pizza dough that is soft, fragrant and light!

      Agostino Vitiello

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    1. vanrooymendas's Avatar
      vanrooymendas -
      Thanks for giving this such nice and useful information about good recipe of pizza. I definitely try to make this type of pizza in my free time. Also I get lots of idea for cook food in different ways.
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