• Popular Pizza Varieties

    We live in an age where pizza reaches our doorsteps faster than almost any other service out there. Today, you will find pizzas in all shapes and sizes. Over the years, pizza have gone through loads of modification in every aspect such as the ingredients used for making a pizza, the manner in which its cooked, the tools used for cooking.

    The amazing thing about pizza is that they are available in endless varieties. This is one of the prime reasons why people are not yet bored of pizza. The mass popularity and consumption of pizza across the world speaks volumes about pizza and its varieties that can be found in many different places. Lets have a look at some of the popular varieties of pizza.

    New York Pizza
    New York pizzas are thin, wide and foldable. Mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce are ideally used as toppings in a New York pizza. Traditionally, New York pizzas were prepared in coal-fired brick ovens for a crispy and smoked flavor. Interestingly, there are chunks of individuals out there who believe that the mineral present in the water of New York City adds to the uniqueness of New York pizza.

    Calzone Pizza
    Calzone is a stuffed pizza crust. Its usually consumed as a snack because it tastes great and is foldable as well. Traditional toppings are used on the crust.

    Frozen Pizza
    Frozen pizza has garnered great popularity over the last few years. The best part about frozen pizza is that its very easy to prepare. One can enjoy an inexpensive yet very delicious pizza with great ease by considering frozen pizza.

    Italian Pizza
    Some consider Italian pizzas as the best in the world. They are lighter and thinner than a New York style pizza. There are great varieties of Italian pizzas out there. They are generally very lean, and the addition of cheese increases its fat proportion.

    Chicago Style Pizza
    Invented in Chicago, they have a buttery crust. Generous amount of cheese and tomato sauce are used as toppings in Chicago style pizzas.

    Greek Pizza
    Its mainly served in New England. The popularity of Greek Pizza goes to the Greek immigrants who made their way into the United States. Usually, olive oil and feta cheese are used in Greek pizza.

    Hawaiian Pizza
    Hawaiian pizza generally comprises of tomato base and cheese with pieces of pineapple and ham. Recent reports have unleashed the fact that its one of the most consumed pizza in Australia.
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      In the world there are famous countries. That is famous for th Some consider Italian pizzas as the best in the world. They are lighter and thinner than a New York style pizza. There are great varieties of Italian pizzas out there.
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