• Are pizzas healthy?

    Today, pizza is a widely consumed food item. Pizzas have been a huge hit amongst the masses ever since their introduction in the market. Not only do they taste great, but most pizza huts offer pizzas at reasonable prices. However, not many people out there are aware about the health related aspect connected with pizza consumption.

    While its true that pizza includes a host of major food components such as carbs, cheese, vegetables, meat etc, these ingredients in itself can make it an unhealthy dish. We all know that cheese and meat are loaded with unsaturated fat, which is not good for our overall health. Not many individuals realize that a single slice of pizza contains more than 300 calories, which implies that you will end up with more than one thousand calories by merely eating four pizza slices. Serving the body with large amount of calories in a single sitting is ideally unacceptable. Not to forget the fact that most people tend to overeat pizzas because they are downright delicious.

    Subsequently, a person might turn obese over a period of time with habitual pizza consumption. No matter how hard you train in the gym, you will find it difficult to burn more than 1000 calories. Either you will have to increase the duration of your exercise or eat relatively less food during the entire course of the day to keep unwanted fats at bay. Even after exerting extra efforts, you might not be able to burn these excess calories. The saturated fats can pose further health risks that might leave you with a huge pile of hospital bill.

    While an occasional treat will do no harm, pizzas shouldnt form a part of your everyday diet. If you avoid this warning, you might endanger your health at a later stage. Also, you can enjoy a healthier pizza by preparing it within the four walls of your home. Home made pizzas can be prepared by skipping or trimming down ingredients that are high on fat and calories. Not to undermine the fact that home made pizza wont hamper your budget. If you choose to have a pizza at a restaurant, make sure that you order a green salad as well.

    Have the green salad before feeding your stomach with pizza so that you feel fuller. Green salad is also good for weight control. In conclusion, consider a healthy pizza to stay immune from all the health risks. Also, dont hold yourself back from an occasional restaurant order, but make sure to treat your body with green salad as well.
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