• Pointers on Healthy Pizza

    Since pizza has garnered widespread popularity, its become a usual trend to order pizza for dinner, social gatherings and other events. For one reason or another, pizzas usually find a place in our menu. Often wrongly termed as fast food, some choose to stay away from pizza to avoid the entry of unwanted saturated fats and calories into their body. Not many of them realize that modern pizzas come with so many variations that its become easier for everyone to lay their hands on a healthy pizza. To top it all, a healthy pizza can be consumed for breakfast, lunch or even dinner.

    We all know that tomato is one of the ingredients present in a pizza. However, not everyone out there knows that tomatoes contain certain cancer fighting abilities. Habitual consumption of healthy pizza can keep you immune from colon, mouth or lung cancer to a great extent, provided the pizza is prepared with the right ingredients. To make the most of the health benefit linked with pizza consumption, one must necessarily make use of a healthy pizza crust recipe. Whole wheat pizza crusts are found to be rich in fibers, mineral and vitamins.

    One should avoid sauce that is rich in fats. Ones best bet would be to opt for traditional tomato sauce as they are low on fat and calorie content. Another essential that one should keep in mind over here is the right use of toppings. Black olives are often recommended over here because they are known to lower ones body cholesterol and thereby prevent the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Inclusion of onion is also a good choice because it lowers blood pressure and cholesterol. Needless to say, one must consider fresh vegetables as well because they are low in calories and are good for the overall health. In other words, homemade pizzas are the way to go because one can prepare a healthy pizza by excluding all ingredients that are unhealthy for the body.

    The fact that you have complete control upon the ingredients that you can include and exclude while preparing a pizza, you can handpick the right ingredients and recipe. One should include low fat cheese and roasted vegetables while preparing a healthy pizza. Besides this, use of turkey sausage can keep unwanted calories at bay without the need of compromising on the flavor. The final product should be such that the crust should be thin and the toppings must be healthy. Of course, you will make use of quality ingredients as well to enjoy a healthy pizza that can form a part of your routine diet.
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