• Are you aware about the colorful history of Pizza

    Today, it won’t be an understatement to claim that pizza is by far the favorite food of most Americans. Pizza huts easily make business worth millions on daily basis, if we were to look at the global figures. As much as the food tastes delicious, the history of pizza is quite eventful and colorful as well. The exact date about the invention of pizza is yet an unsolved mystery. However, there are great speculations on how and who discovered pizza. Let’s have a look at the fascinating history of pizza.

    Some believers vouch for the fact that the Italians were the one who invented pizza. It’s believed that the Egyptians, Babylonians and people from Middle East cultures consumed un-leaven bread prepared in mud ovens. Besides this, Mediterranean folks also consumed bread. Native spices and olive oil were used for toppings on these breads that were consumed during the ancient days.

    Another theory claims that the lower class of the Naples invented pizza in a similar manner. In the 80s, an Italian individual named Raffaele Esposito prepared pizza by accident in his attempt to please the touring king and the queen visiting his place. He included tomato, cheese and green basil to prepare the pizza. Subsequently, the newly found dish garnered widespread popularity after being warmly cherished by the impressed king and queen.

    In the 90s, pizza made its way into the United States. The credit for this goes to the Italian immigrants who visited notable cities such as Chicago and New York. Since a large portion of the city population comprised of the Italians, many cafes started serving pizzas to the masses. The American soldiers were also responsible for the popularity of the pizza. They got the taste of it after the end of Second World War while occupying the Italian territory.

    Pizzas have been pleasing truckloads of taste bugs since its evolution several decades back. Pizza huts can be found in many different countries across the world. Recent reports have unleashed the fact that children in the age group of 3 to 11 prefer having pizza for dinner over any other food. Today, it has also entered the Guinness book of records for a couple of reasons. Contrary to the popular belief, pizza can be prepared from nonfattening ingredients as well. The fact that the meal has been such a hit amongst the masses, a healthy pizza can do wonders to one’s health and appetite.
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