Television is an inevitable source of entertainment in many American households. A recent study by the A.C. Nielsen Co. reveals that an average American watches up to 4 hours of TV every day Julio Jones Falcons Jersey , which means that he spends about 2 months uninterrupted in a year for watching TV. Taking this into account, a man living a 65 year lifespan probably spends 9 years continuously in watching Television. These are huge figures which show how much television is influencing our day to day life. The electronic gadget has integrated itself into our lifestyle and it is changing the way we think, how we behave and the way we dress.

While spending enormous amount of time in front of the television Julio Jones Kids Jersey , we should be thoughtful about how it affects our health and daily routine. Just like how we are aware of the numerous benefits of television, so should we be mindful of the negative aspects related to TV viewing. Watching TV continuously for long hours can prove to be disastrous as it leads to many health problems like the following.

•Watching television from a very close distance can harm your eyes. A research by the Canadian Association of Optometrists (CAO) states that watching TV continuously for long hours from a close distance can cause strain for your eyes and mental fatigue. It will lead to poor and blurred vision. So while you sit for watching TV you should ensure two things. The first thing is that the room should have proper lighting. A room that is dimly lit or that is too bright is bad for your eyes. You must not watch television wearing sunglasses. The second thing is that you should watch TV from a safe distance. The distance between you and the TV should be about five times your TV screen’s width.

•If you are a couch potato, then there are more chances for you to become obese as sitting for hours on end in front of the television disturbs your body metabolism. A study by the Stanford University of Medicine shows that while watching television Julio Jones Youth Jersey , people tend to eat more and develop unhealthy food eating habits on seeing the various advertisements. Statistics reveal that about 66% of the Americans regularly view TV while having their dinner. So there is no wonder why half the population is obese! It is very customary to relish on the junk foods like burgers and pizzas while watching television. So be careful with your diet the next time you choose to eat while watching television.

•The children are becoming more addicted to the television. On an average, a child watches TV for about 1680 minutes per week according to A.C. Nielsen Co. The children try to imitate the characters they see on television and presume them to be real. There is a rise in the aggressive behavior among children as they are being exposed to acts of violence in television. Children who watch television for long hours have a poor mental and intellectual development. TV viewing dulls the children’s brains and leads to deterioration of their mental capabilities. So you need to have a control on your kid’s TV viewing habits. You can limit the time the children spend on watching television and it is better to watch TV along with your children. I got the parental control feature on my FiOS TV which enables me to have control over the timings and the content my kids watch.

•The people who remain glued to the television become more isolated and lose interaction with the family members and friends. Watching television continuously will deprive you of your sleep as the rays emitted from the TV screen are powerful.

We shouldn’t allow the television to take control of our lives and make us addicted to it. You can plan and fix schedules for watching television for everyone in your home. TV viewing can turn to be a delightful experience if you develop healthy TV viewing habits.
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