>Operation Process of Electro Ejaculator for Cattle
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The principle of the electro ejaculator for cattle is to use the low voltage and small current alternating current to stimulate the low-level nerve center of the animal recommendation cone. After being stimulated, the animal will unconsciously produce the ejaculation process to achieve the purpose of collecting animal sperm. It is suitable for collecting semen and animals that cannot climb.

Cattle that have been irrigated with electrical stimulation can also be semen without training. However, some animals must be anesthetized before sperm collection.

The electro ejaculator for cattle is generally operated by three people. One person fixes and breeds animals. One person swings the electric stimulator switch. One person collects fine. The specific operation method is as follows:

(1) The person that fixes animals takes the base of the back thigh of the breeding animal with the right hand, so that the legs of the breeding animal are naturally separated Wholesale NFL Jerseys China , and the head of the breeding animal is fixed with the left hand. Keep the buttocks of the breeder slightly above the head. The staff should use moderate force to make the male animals quiet and prevent them from breaking free.

(2) The picker will clip the prepared collecting cup to the right middle finger and the ring finger of the ring finger (outside the cup). The right hand-held electrode rod is inserted into the anus of the male animal.

(3) The other person opens the semen switch to energize and stimulate, and the right hand-held electrode moves around the rectal wall in a circular motion. Repeat the power stimulation for 3-5 times. Each power-on lasts 5 seconds and powers off for 5 seconds. And according to the reaction of the male animal, the voltage is continuously increased to the discharge.

(4) When the male animal has the performance of ejaculation, the right hand of the sperm collector quickly reverses Wholesale Football Hats , and immediately moves the essence of the cup to the bottom of the penis and picks up the semen.

It is feasible to recover corrupt 'Sent Items' folder through Outlook Express Recovery Tool Computers Articles | October 30, 2010
Have you ever observed that Outlook Express showing abnormal behavior. For example, sometimes it happens that Outlook Express mail operations do not work properly. Operations, like sending Wholesale Football Shirts , receiving ...

Have you ever observed that Outlook Express showing abnormal behavior. For example, sometimes it happens that Outlook Express mail operations do not work properly. Operations, like sending, receiving mails stop responding. Various other problems related to mail-operations occur. This behavior occurs because of any possible corruption of Outlook Express DBX file. Failure of power Wholesale Football Hoodies , fatal virus attack, and system failure are the main causes. So, always maintain a backup in your system. However, if the backup falls short to recover Wholesale Football Jerseys , then make yourself ready to use a third party Outlook Express Recovery software.

Suppose, Outlook Express is used by you as a primary e-mail application. On day, you noticed that when an e-mail message is sent through Outlook Express application, the message is sent successfully and message has been received by the recipient. But the worst part is that the message does not appear in the 'Sent Items' folder. When you see a message that has been sent in the Sent Items folder Wholesale NFL Hats , it comes out to be blank. This behavior is noticed with each and every mail that has been already sent to the recipients.


The folder of 'Sent Items' of Outlook Express is corrupt or damaged. Due to which above problem arises. ?


To tackle above problem you need to follow few steps so that you can easily perform operations of Outlook Express. As, the Outlook Express 'Sent Items' folder is stored as Sent Items.dbx on hard disk.? First of all, know the location of the .dbx file and then try to change the name of the file and delete it.? To rename or delete the file follow some steps as discussed below:

(1) Close Outlook Express application.

(2) Make sure that the view of hidden files and folders are enable in folder options.

(3) Go to Start >> Search >> All files and folders.

(4) Enter 'Sent Items.dbx' and press Search button.

(5) If 'Sent Items.dbx' file gets found, then right-click the 'Sent Items.dbx' file.

(6) After right clicking the file Wholesale NFL Shirts , various options you will appear. If you want to delete, then 'delete' it. If you want to change the name of the file, rename it as Sent Items.old dbx file.

(7) And at last give command to Outlook Express to make a new empty 'Sent Items' folder.

But mails of the corrupted folder cannot be recovered by performing above steps. To recover mails,? latest backup will be a much help. But if the backup is not available and if it falls short to recover mails Wholesale NFL Hoodies , then make use of a third party Outlook Express Recovery Tool. You can opt for a tool to Recover Outlook Express mails according to your choice by searching number of the tools on Internet. Stellar Phoenix Outlook Express Recovery v3.0 is one such software.

Stellar Phoenix Outlook Express Recovery v3.0 is an advanced tool that performs Outlook Express Recovery with great ease and recovers Outlook Express messages as .dbx files. Additionally, it recovers .dbx files from different storage media, such as floppy disks, hard drives Wholesale NFL Jerseys , CD-Rom's, and Zip disks. The tool recovers .dbx files of Outlook Express 5.x and 6.x.

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