There are four mathematics "Tianwang" in our class. They are top students in mathematics Carton Of Cigarettes, and math class is their "paradise"! One of them is him pursuit of mathematicsstudents of "������" all walked into the classroom lazily. Everyone sighed and complained constantly, "Why is it a math class?" Only he jumped into the classroom and waited for the numbers to be solved. . The teacher wrote on the blackboard, and the classmates wrote in the seat with powerlessness, which seemed to be a dying illness. No matter how difficult the problem is, just sweep in front of his eyes, he will help you solve your "sorrow". Once, the teacher had a question. This topic seems to be very simple Cheap Cigarettes, but it is extremely cumbersome to do. The worst thing is that it upsets your thoughts so that you have no clue at all How Much Is A Carton Of Newports. The three "Heavenly Kings" have been cracked out Cigarettes Cheaper, and some of the students who have continued to follow the guidance of "Tianwang" have gradually rationalized their ideas. There are fewer and fewer people, and most of the students are ��mixed�� from the teacher��s eyes under the eyes of the teacher. Only he has been counting, the draft paper has no slits, and it looks like a black cloth. Finally he stopped the pen and the answer was clear at a glance. It turned out that he had already finished, but he had to do it in the best way of understandingadnesss a "crazy"! This is the comment of the people in the class. Whenever the teacher gives him extracurricular homework, he is happy to accept it. No matter how much or not, most of them are a lot. Sometimes it's even a two-page question. When you go to a trip, you will immediately faint into the ground. Because those topics are not all primary school students are qualified to do. As long as he As soon as it is written, it is like crazy. He is completely immersed in the fantasy of mathematics. What a noisy voice is a number and a formula in his ear. No one can enter his mathematical world! He is so crazy, so Love to appreciate the mystery and magic of mathematics! is the "mathematical madness" of our class. Looking at his love of mathematics and watching his desire for mathematics, this makes me helpless! I have seen how crazy a person who loves mathematics is. His exploration of mathematics has reached its limit Marlboro Gold. This is a very surprising thing. Even if he reaches the limit, he has to explore the excavation because