"Good rain knows the season Cigarettes Cheaper, when the spring happens..." In the quiet and beautiful night, I remembered the sound of crisp and sweet reading. The people who are reading the Du Fu's "Spring Rain" are not others, but me. I put down my textbook and looked up at the beautiful night sky, as if I had returned to the adventure day, I went to Taoyuan Villa with Chen Yan and Luo Ruolan. The peach blossoms there are refreshing and intoxicating. We admired the beauty and came to the top of the mountain. When we just had to sit down and rest, suddenly the crowd surged and I and the other little friends broke away. I walked and looked for it. I accidentally fell into a long tunnel and unwittingly came to a terrible world: there was rubbish and waste water everywhere Cigarettes For Sale, and it was constantly stinking. I thought this was Where is it? So stupid? Do I travel through time and space? God! Where is this? Just when I was inexplicable, I saw ten spaceships not far from the front. In front of the spaceship, there were ten "long dragons" carrying backpacks carrying boxes Carton Of Newports. In front of each "long dragon", an uncle commanded people to board the spacecraft. I think: He is the mayor, what are they doing, where are they going? I am very curious to go over and want to know what is going on. I know from an elder's mouth: This is a large area of ??children's family in 2133. Due to the increasingly serious pollution and over-cutting of trees, the earth has become a garbage dump. The air is dirty and the dust is raging, so people decided to evacuate the earth. People have found a blue water star ball suitable for human habitation, so the district manager is directing people to move out of their homes and go to the blue water planet Newport Cigarettes Coupons. I listened, and my heart was so sad that I thought it was beautiful, the air was fresh, the birds and flowers were fragrant, and the stream was flowing. I did not understand to go to the mayor and said: "Mayor Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, hello! I am a girl from the past. Today I accidentally traveled through time and space. I came here and saw that it was extremely resentful. Why did the beautiful home manage the environment? This is the mistake you made. You should bear it!" I said angrily. "Maybe you said it." Yes, we should make up, this is what we are responsible for, we should be responsible for the end." The mayor said after a moment of contemplation. The people present also replied in unison: "We must make up for the mistakes we made." Then the mayor immediately let the old and weak women evacuate to the blue water star, temporarily staying for a while, and let scientists study and invent how to make garbage, A machine that converts wastewater into useful energy. Scientists work hard and make unremitting efforts to turn waste water into useful energy. Now my hometown is changing. The grass grows out, and the flowers bloom and smile. The town became more beautiful than before. The mayor smiled happily and said, "Thank you, children, we will take good care of the environment in the future." I am embarrassed to say: "No thanks, this is me..." Luo Yao, what are you doing here?�� The sho and watching the beautiful starry sky, I can't help but think of the terrible look of the earth after it was polluted. If we don't take good care of the environment, we really have to go to outer space.