Our Chinese culture has a long history and is profound and profound. It is manifested in all aspects. Cangwu made the word, Shennong created the calendar day, the calculation was made in the head Newports For Cheap, the law was made from the Lun Lun, the Shennong tasted the herb, and later spread the hundred valleys, the monk's drilled the wood to get the fire, the nest's structure was the nest, the Zhou Gongzuo guide car Qian Le is a celestial instrument Danger Of Newport Cigarettes, Zhou Gong alone ritual music, Xiao He made a law, the Emperor of the Emperor played Go, Wu Wang made a chess... The use of all people today is the ancient sages before the people. Chinese culture also teaches us how to do things for others, emphasizing that "everything is a thousand classics Wholesale Cigarettes Marlboro, filial piety is the first." Advocating "the sheep has the grace of breastfeeding, the crow has the righteousness to feed back." Emphasizing that people must be honest and trustworthy, "people do not believe, do not know "It can be." Emphasize that you should be modest and eager to learn. "Threesome, there must be my teacher." "The young and the strong do not work hard Cheap Marlboro 100'S, the old man is sad." Emphasize that you must be strict with yourself, be more generous than others, be good, and "responsible" Self, forgiveness and forgiveness." "Good medicine is good for the disease, and the words are good for the ears." Chinese culture is a common jewel that all the descendants of the Yellow Emperor, including the people of the mainland and the people of Taiwan, and the Chinese around the wa primary school student. I must not only learn from the Chinese culture, but also protect and promote Chinese culture. I usually study Chinese language and learn classical poetry and modern exquisite prose. I pay special attention to reading the sound. As a southerner, the pronunciation is not very accurate. It is difficult to distinguish the front nasal sound and the rear nasal sound, and the tongue sound and the flat tongue sound. I not only tried to learn from the teachers, but also seriously learned from the broadcasters of CCTV. I not only strive to make the pronunciation accurate, but also try to correct the inaccurate pronunciation of the people around me. This is not to be a good teacher, but to maintain the language of the motherland. On the other hand, I also pay attention to writing the words and trying to eliminate the typos. Chinese characters are a kind of block word, and the mystery is infinite. A "big" word is added a little. Because the position ofe mainland and Taiwan belong to the Chinese nation, and the roots of many Taiwan compatriots are still on the mainland Buy Wholesale Cigarettes Online. We are the same family, and they are originally a family. Under the initiative of Premier Wen, Huang Gongwang��s "Fuchun Mountain Residence" was originally preserved in half by Taiwan and Zhejiang. Later, it was jointly exhibited and publicly exhibited. It was a good story. The reunification of the motherland, the "unification of the country" and the joint efforts of the two sides will be more conducive to the promotion of Chinese culture.