He has a strong figure; he has the speed of a cheetah; he has a loud name - Liu Xiang. Liu Xiang is the person I admire most because he is the pride of the Chinese.the 2004 Athens Olympics, although China's performance in various competitions was good, the most headache was the track and field sports. Track and field athletes were repeatedly hit hard, and there was almost no chance of winning. They were ridiculed by foreigners. But in this difficult situation of frustration and sluggishness, the appearance of one person made China's dragon who fell on the track and field stadium climb again. This person is Liu Xiang.ouldered the heavy responsibility of revitalizing China's track and field. Behind him was a bright red five-star red flag Cartons Of Marlboro Reds. He still decided to participate in the 110-meter hurdle race. His extraordinary soul took up his ordinary body. Some people advised him to say: "It's useless, the blacks are too powerful!" He shook his head and said: "The Chinese hurdles have the strength to fall down, and there is the strength to get up." He has put more effort than others and swayed than others. More sweat. Others run three kilometers a day, but he runs 4,500 meters every day, never complaining. Someone asked him why he only said two words - China. The coach is very optimistic about him, and often teaches him some sports knowledge. He is also much stricter than other people. He runs slow and always has to be ransacked Cheap Newport Cigarette Online. Liu Xiang bites his teeth and insists on training even when others are resting. In the face of difficulties, he dismissed him. In the face of setbacks, he never looked down. He was running with the blood of the descendants of the Yellow Emperor, and a Chinese heart was jumping in his chest. His speed has soared and he quickly became a "flying man" in the national team Marlboro Gold 100 Cigarettes.he is about to embark on the journey of making the motherland proud Cheap Priced Marlboro Gold Sold In Us, he is full of blood, like a bullet that is ready to go out. With one order, he rushed out like a flying arrow. Crossing one bar after another is like crossing one mountain after another. Because each column is the details that determine success or failure Newport For Duty Sale Only. His sweat swayed like a raindrop, adding glory to the long and bumpy road. At this moment, the hearts of all Chinese people are screaming, and they are silently praying. He declared to the world with confidence that he would not lose, because he had a solid land under his feet, a body behind his compatriots, and his own beating Chinese heart. The spirit of his hard work touched every Chinese, inspired every Chinese, and shocked every Chinese. Behold! He surpassed the blacks and surpassed all the people. He straightened his chest and crossed the finish line. The yellow skin was clearly decorated on the court and dressed up. The last small step he took made a big step for Chinese track and field. His perseverance spirit seems to tell people: don't bow to difficulties, China will never lose! Xiang is an idol in my heart, a model of my spirit, and a high standard of my quality. His youth infected me, his blood boiled me. He lifted up China's track and field sports, and he let Chinese track and field athletes raise their heads. He is a model of China and even the whole world.