The big and round Mid-Autumn Festival has been higher than the roof of the building in the east, and it is lonely and hung in the cold and cold mid-air. Yesterday was like a shy girl, hey, a circle of yellow halo light, can not really cut. Today, I took the initiative to pick up the veil, revealing the face like jade, let you enjoy the season until the Mid-Autumn Festival, wearing only a T-shirt can not resist the cool outside. Think of the summer, the memory of the sultry heat is too deep, but even the eyebrows are sweating. The coolness of this time is so comfortable and refreshing. There is no comparison, there is no happiness. I am sitting in the classroom. I have not been able to resist the temptation of the moonlight. I am walking in the corridor of the corridor Cigarette Wholesale. I am obsessed with the cool breeze hanging in the blue sky, and the moon is far-reaching. The night sky... everything is so charming. In the distance, the sound of firecrackers came to the festival. When the fireworks rose and the colorful colors, I wanted to be a lively and joyous gathering. At that time, in the brightly lit building Cigarettes Online Store, there is a warm story under each lamp. There is silence on the campus, and thousands of students under the lamp are fighting for their future. Only the autumn insects in the small courtyard of the courtyard were boring and boring, and the lonely moon, which did not care for no one, rose, and the original yellowish moon became whiter and brighter. The few clouds below the moon are like the clouds, which do not affect the purity of the night sky. Such a pure night sky seems to be more gentle than a transparent blue crystal. Oh, it turned out to be a little more tender Marlboro Cigarettes For Sale. I looked at it intently and looked at it with infatuation. My eyes seemed to be pulled, pulled, and entangled by this bright moonlight. I was completely trapped in the holiday night. I was dressed up in a dazzling manner, with colorful lights and shapes. Different, flowers, gardens, roadsides, and even draped in tall buildings, blooming everywhere. Coupled with such a good moonlight, can you live up to it? The colorful garden activities have also led people to go out of their homes. Wife and two girls sent me a video in the park, and the second girl sprinkled joy on the white sand beach. The water in the large fountain in the distance is reflected in the colorful lights, rising and falling, like a smart elf, following the beat of the music Wholesale Cigarettes For Resale. The scene is spectacular and shocking. The dreamy fountain turns into two giant swans in a moment, gracefully flapping its wings; in a moment it becomes three huge flower baskets, and the flowers are openly and wildly opened; in a moment they become a string of fireworks, one by one; After a while, it turned into a group of graceful dancers, and the swaying slender waist and the moon rose higher Buy Newport Cigarettes Online. On the glazed tile surface of the front of the teaching building, another reflection of gold like silver, with me The movement of the footsteps, swaying, reminds me of the sparkling creek under the warm sun in winter, and like a silvery little gecko snake with claws and claws. To the east is a burst of fireworks, echoing in the empty night sky, as if in the life of jubilation and joy in the hearts of people, there are only three things that make me so obsessed: books, Minghu and Mingyue. I think Ming Lake in the moonlight tonight is definitely more charming. Although I can't see regrets now, but I will leave more hope for the future. Bright and beautiful moonlight, full of tender moonlight, make me forget the moonlight... Because your eyes have my wish, my Missing, my concern, the world is more happy and happy, so I am so obsessed with self-lost, will be so eager to set the time to settle in this moment tonight, the moon is full, I have already done my best, I hope that there are lovers in the world to share a month, the same dream!