Regardless of the past voice Marlboro Cigarettes, your breath has already been stunned and turned into a willow wind. Do not ask the afterlife Cheap Cigarettes, your shadow will continue to flow, in the fog, in the dream of the shower. Peach blossoms have never expected the spring breeze, because the hearts are connected. The cold wind in October blew the newly emerged malt, and the field is already a new green. After the stagnation of the rain, the road is still not dry Marlboro Gold, walking on the field, snoring the cold air, a trace of sweetness, mixed with a trace of stinking mud road is very slippery, walking is very difficult, the temptation of the wheat field is too big, I did not Can not live. On the endless field of wheat, there is a small tree standing alone in the field. When you look at it, it is a newly planted cypress. The land under the tree is slightly uplifted, a new grave is built in the field, and there is no monument. Only a cypress tree is used to remember the lonely grave of this new repair. I don��t know that the will of the deceased will not let the descendants There are other reasons for building a grave. I would rather believe that this is the wish of the deceased. Perhaps we are too young, the feelings of life and death are only in the fur; perhaps we are greedy for the world, and we have no great understanding of life and death. Can still admire the open-mindedness of the deceased, do not bring a needle thread when you come, do not leave a grave when you go. Come to nature and return to nature Newport Cigarettes. Heavenly burial, earth burial, and water burial may be the best interpretation of this sentence. The Inner Mongolians in Tibet are more willing to choose the celestial burial. They eat more meat and will eventually eat the flesh. In the land of the Central Plains, many people choose to bury them. They eat more food, and they will be buried in the land and will also be protected by mud. In the coastal areas, there are many water burials, and the life is taken from the sea. After the death, it is still in the sea. Come to nature, return to nature, this is fate, but also open-minded. I hate cremation most, why do you put the flesh on the fire? It is because the increasingly expensive cemetery fee still shows the relics hidden in the flesh. I don't believe in Buddhism, nor do I reject it. I believe that the natural nature between the heavens and the earth is natural and natural when going. In the end, I did not take his grave into my photo, nor did I bother to go forward. I only prayed for him in my heart, prayed for his future generations, and kept the peace that he deserved to see the winter coming. The wheat sprouts in front of the eyes are so long after the autumn, and the malt next to the grave is particularly strong.
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