My text is too ordinary to carry my heavy thoughts. Maybe, my thoughts are too full to be concise with thin words! Love, it is not missing, just look for it, even if it is not tired, change it, find a person who can suffer together, instead of enjoying together to find a person who can bear it together, instead of escaping together, find a person who can be responsible for you, and Not responsible for love. Love is blind, life is reality, because love is only derived from human beings to escape from reality. In order to escape from reality, I am looking for love in order to find love, I lost my true feelings and lost my true feelings, only to find that I have already fallen into love. I am not looking for it, but I am not tired, I change what you think is love? A little bit tempted, a little impulse, a hug a kiss? With a touch of ink, continue to write a meeting, with silent words, record that there is always a warm sunshine in the eternal winter; there is always a figure in the distance, not forgetting a simple greeting, a sincere confession, giving us a gift I have a deep love, I saw you talking about it and I liked it. I feel that we are talking and laughing. We can��t hear the news, the phone can��t see the expression, but our heart is forever, because I am friend! Life, who has no suffering, who is not tired, how to live, how to live, you know best. Everyone is really strong enough to spend a day without help, no one to support. Everything is up to one person, all emotions are only known to oneself. But as long as you bite your teeth, everything is different. Everything depends on oneself, even if it is a "step that cannot be opened, a leg that cannot be opened" is also a realization of the warmth and self-knowledge of life. The loss is the years, the old is the face, the drift is the footsteps, the mature is the soul; the moment is the incitement, the forever is the state of mind, the unexplained is the calm, the imperfect is the life. More experience, more growth. Many people have experienced the heart and are strong; many gullies, when they cross the heart, they are bright and open, and they have a lot of troubles. Learn to relieve stress, learn to be shallow, and wave your sleeves to make everything light and light. The money is never forgotten, but life is limited. You can make money by desperately, but you can't make a living by fighting for money. The more people go up, the more they can sink, and the way they have settled down can be safe. So it is good to yearn for abundance, but don't forget to bring a contented heart on the road to prosperity. Everyone's bones have a strong and reserved for themselves, and each person's heart has a corner left to the soul. Some people lose, it will make you regret for life; some love is full, it will make you feel unhappy. Treating feelings can't be shameless or too big Newport 100S. Desperate face thick, because there is enough care, but don't stalk and slap; forced to open your hand, only complain that your ability is not enough, but don't languish. If you can't accept the worst of you, you don't deserve the best of you. If you don't understand your good intentions, you are not qualified to get your good intentions. This kind of thing has always been your feelings and wishes, sometimes it is not a good thing to be willing! The fate is that you like to make jokes, people who need it can't get it, people who don't need it; emotions don't change medicine, need to comfort a lot, comforting the soul is hard to find. Remember the most profound, often hurting you the most thorough; always for your umbrella, often you automatically ignore. Loneliness is that when you want to talk, no one listens, someone listens to you but has nothing to say; indifference makes you unintentional, and someone who walks in your heart but closes your heart. In fact, the most precious thing in the world is what you have already got and can lose at any time. Don't be blind, the intersection of parallel lines is not accidental; don't be deaf, and whoever is ignorant will be chilling. Don't let the people who are really good to you slowly disappear from your life, because turning around is a lifetime. Life is not easy, you don't have to suppress the emotions of anyone who can't speak, don't deliberately have love that you can't get. When you want to cry, you will shed tears and release your grievances. When you want to laugh, you will be able to show your own beauty. People only live once and love me to live a life of horns, from the pain of themselves to start living the only one. Knowing love, it is the homeland of the soul returning, whispering a night, writing a nude painting, blooming a snow, covering a piece of blue tile, drinking a pot of tea, sleeping together and holding a yellow sand; picking up a wedding dress, smashing The crescent moon in the sky, the love is like the spring tide ink, why do you fear the fragrant Fanghua, people should know how to cherish, if you know the heavens are doomed, if you are happy, you will knock on the door. Holding hands is a warm movement at the crossroads. The boy carefully puts the girl's hand on the palm of his hand Carton Of Cigarettes. This kind of hand is called love. Marriage: "I am willing to vow" has tolerance and responsibility. After the year, after the vicissitudes of life, the afterlife is still in pain, and it is heartache and screaming. Not all love can be owned, and each other is the most true promise Marlboro Gold. Not all feelings can be confided, and understanding each other is the best feeling. The tacit understanding is not the same, but the mind is connected; when spring comes to autumn, the truth still remains. Not in the side, but in my heart; there is no hand Newport Cigarettes, but there is a tie. Walking into the heart, what is in the touch. The closeness of the heart, the warmth of drifting zero; the sincerity of love, care for life. The sun is warm on the body, and the truth is warm in my heart. There is no turning back in life. Xu is the footsteps of the mouth that can't stop, and continues to move forward with the wheels. Love will never be right, except to give up, and the hands that are tightened. People are happy when they are alive, they are happy when they are alive, and they are happy when they are happy. There is no need for a lingering heartbeat, there is love for each other, no matter how far the world is, the warmth will always depend on each other. Love is in the heart, and it is warmth; love is in the heart, knowing is the most beautiful. Male-female relationship is a form of relationship between people and the interdependence between men and women in society. Narrow sense: usually refers to the relationship between two sexes. How to deal with this relationship? The topic of love and marriage in life has always been discussed constantly. It is said that marriage is a grave of love; it is also said that marriage is a continuation of love. I think love should be romantic, and marriage should be realistic. Regardless of whether there is a continuation of love; no grave of marriage or love, it is only the personal experience of the parties, and it is inevitable that there will be too much mess, wind and rain, mixed with the coldness of the world. Turning around only one thought, looking back is already stunned. Love can be a person's business. You can love each other unilaterally and don't ask for a return. However, marriage is a matter of two people. It requires two people to work together. The concept of traditional marriage believes that only like-minded people can live together for the rest of their lives. With common ideals and pursuits, mutual understanding, appreciation and help, life must be happy and happy. However, we will often see that some couples are not as good as the appearance and background in the eyes of others, but they are deeply affectionate and happy. In the end, what is the embarrassment of marriage success? In the modern society of free love, both men and women who finally enter the marriage hall generally recognize each other's value orientation, religious beliefs and moral values, because in the process of communication, these things are visible. Before marriage,
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