Audemars-piguet audemars piguet royal oak replica claims to have the best ever sub repeater with royal oak concept RD1 acoustic research. To achieve this goal, their internal research and development team (led by aprp-audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi) and EPFL(ecole polytechnique federale DE lausanne) worked together for eight years. Acoustic research on Audemars Piguet Royal Oak concept RD1 focuses on several aspects: water resistance, volume, purity and sound harmony.

A few weeks before SIHH 2015, audemars-piguet launched a very interesting watch, a pure concept watch with one goal: to be a minute repeater 2.0. Based on the now famous Royal Oak concept, this watch summarizes eight years of development dedicated to increasing the volume, pitch, pitch and harmony of the one-minute transponder. The Associated Press, however, remains cautious about how the watch works and the solutions it USES. But, as you know we have monochrome watches here, we will give you some clues after seeing the watch's "metal".

Because of the resistance of the water, the sound is now reduced. Solution: create an amplifier. The answer lies on the back of the watch -- we're certainly not allowed to take pictures on the back of the watch...

But that doesn't stop us from telling you what we see. Behind Audemars Piguet Royal Oak luxury watches replica concept RD1 acoustic research lies a double back, an outer layer that we hope to create a resonance chamber that amplifies sound. On top of the classic case is another case with an opening (like an old cricket watch). Another possible explanation is that the back of the main box may vibrate to amplify the sound. The result is an observation that not only by its wearer but also by the person next to it, even in a noisy room (for those who have experienced a classical minute repeater, you can almost hear it when you are talking in the middle, unless you have your ears next to it).

This applies to the external parts of the watch, but the mechanism of the minute transponder itself has also been improved so that this time the gain is not in volume, but in purity and harmony of sound. The sound of music consists of two main parts: the notes themselves and harmony. The notes create the tones, and the harmonies create the musicality and richness of the sound. That's the theory. In fact, you also have to consider many parasitic sounds, either from the environment or from mechanical work. The one-minute transponder consists of multiple gears, levers and springs that, when activated, move and vibrate, creating parasitic noise -- the worst enemies of sound's musicality and purity.

Of course, all of these best swiss replica watches assumptions are personal and should not be considered the official explanations of Audemars Piguet. We can only assure you that the sound produced by Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept RD1 acoustic research divider is very loud, very pure and brings superb musicality. We didn't talk about the rest of the watch, but remember, it also brings a 1-minute tourbillon (located at 6) and a timer with a 30-minute counter in 3 minutes. All of these are fitted into a 44 mm titanium case and the case comes back. Oh, and it won't be made, so we're very sorry, but you can't buy this watch.

What AP does here is to isolate or reduce the sound of these components by using (unknown) techniques to reduce the parasitic noise (it is even used for balancing wheels and escapements). The less noise the motion itself makes, the purer the repeater's sound will be. Audemars Piguet has developed a new almost silent shock mechanism regulator (called a regulator). Another technical solution may be found in gongs and hammers. If a classical crossover can produce about four different notes and a large number of harmonies (which creates excellent musicality), then Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept RD1 acoustic research can produce more notes (about eight notes) but fewer harmonics. The sound created is rich because of the extra notes, not because of the harmonics. Therefore, it is purer and cleaner. In addition, because these notes are less disturbed by harmonics, you can hear them easily, replica mens watches and the shell can easily amplify the clean, pure sound.