I didn't look out the window, I could imagine a scene like that. A child is holding a fireworks stick with enthusiasm, and the adults stand with concern. A bunch of fireworks burst with a powerful heartbeat, and the children's eyes filled the splendour of the fireworks and the joy of the world. The longer you grow, the more sad you are. Someone on Weibo said: Fireworks are destined to be melancholy, and the beauty of the bustling eyes is cloud smoke. I once wrote in the diary: Fireworks don't understand water mourning, and eternal eternal pain. Fear or praise for the short-lived fireworks, we seem to give this fragile beauty a lot of burdens. When we were young, we couldn��t let us think too much. The Chinese New Year is always entangled with the elders to put fireworks, solemnly clenching a long tube of paper, and the adults carefully ignited. Feel a powerful force accumulating in an instant and struggling upwards. The squeaking of the mouth of the "��", the golden flower silver core. Under the guidance of novelty, I began to make my own clever reasoning: "Is there someone putting the seed in a long tube? How can this flower not be watered Newport Cigarettes Coupons, can it be opened without germination? Just as soon as it is ignited, it can bloom. No wonder it is called spark. Haha!" Then a person laughed. Looking back, I found out that the fireworks were very simple. I couldn��t say that it was beautiful. Several straight lines were casually put together, and I used a few colors. This kind of product is simply deceiving consumers. From the gleaming eyes to the cold and disdain, the fireworks are like this, and it is only our body and mind that grows up. From simply admiring the beauty to mourning the spring and hurting the autumn moon, the change is just the perspective of our problem. The Seven Years said: In the years of China, what we lost is a kind of mood, a feeling of happiness, singing and happiness. The child's gaze is a straight line Cigarettes For Sale, so they can't see the dangers and traps of the middle process. They are always in the same mind. Our eyes are twisted and twisted with the corners of growth. We watch the fireworks, we have to pass through the years of the wind and dust. Finally, a simple mood is wet, teared, torn, and more vicissitudes and temperament. Try to use a straight line of sight to focus on the world, and use a pure and simple heart to see the openness and dying of a flower. This is not a division mokingusacigarettes.com, not a hostility, but a kind of appreciation and equal gentleness to see the world in a straight line. We must also see a flowery future in the absurdity.
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