Yesterday afternoon, because of my birthday (the family counted the lunar calendar), Grandpa came over from his hometown and accompanied him for a while. In fact, because his grandfather didn��t listen well, and I didn��t understand the local language, it was difficult to communicate. However, I am still willing to sit quietly on the side of the old man, looking at his woolen black coat, watching the white hair that he almost fell, can smell the old and solid taste in the air, just like It was smelled when I opened a wardrobe that I had not worn for a long time. Grandpa stayed at home for one night. In the morning, when I was reading the news on the bed, Grandpa suddenly said that I wanted to go to the newly built senior university Parliament Cigarettes. Today it was originally cloudy, but suddenly it rained, it was wet outside, and it was Road repairing, muddy, to be honest, I don't want to go out. But when I saw Grandpa looking at me and wondering how it would rain, I was very happy to say that I just hadn��t seen it, let��s go check it out! Grandpa was very happy. I quickly picked up the umbrella and said how good it was. Let��s go and see. It��s really good. Actually, I am a very pessimistic person. Grandma died in the first grade of my elementary school. Grandpa has always been a People, I usually go to school, I really can't see my grandfather a few times a year. Therefore, I cherish every opportunity. Many things are ignored. I disappeared and supported two umbrellas. Half of the shoes are stepping on the water. The cement on this small road is unevenly laid, or it is too long, and a piece of pebbles are exposed. It has been polished by the footprints of many years and the footprint of the rain. It has become very smooth. . Along the way, I saw many old houses, some of them look really beautiful, especially on rainy days. Those bluestone carvings have raindrops and can see the history. The path is very narrow, and my grandfather just happens to be in parallel. Grandpa and I told me a lot of things that I have never heard. When he talked about eating a big pot of rice, some people would steal the sweet potato silk and take it to feed the pigs to make money. At that time, his salary was only 12.5 yuan, and the six children at home had to eat. It��s really hard. When the uncle was in high school, all the grandmothers cooked the pickles, brought them to the dishes, and even the pickles. It��s really hard to eat them with soy sauce. He said that your grandmother is a good person, then He sent a letter outside, the grandmother was pulling at home, and a big aunt came out from the canteen, saying that the sweet potato was not enough to eat. Grandma said that your father didn't eat enough every day, we can only be hungry. Grandpa seems to be talking to me, as if he is reminiscing, looking at the old red wooden windows on the street. The rain was very heavy. Under the black umbrella, two people went to the old university. The road was all over, and the marble plates were laid, but there was a lot of water in the rain, and the old banyan trees stood many. The entire old university has been very well-recognized. The previous talent training has long since disappeared. I have not taken photos before. The talented person may be so slowly, I will slowly forget it. There is a Wenchang Pavilion and a garden. All are cement antique, to be honest, I don't think it is necessary, purely a face project. Grandpa began to yearn for it, but he sighed. He looked finer than me. The details were rough. For example Online Cigarettes, the gold characters were not hot enough. The cement joints were very large. Only a year ago, several places have broken. It is. It is not comparable to the town government that has been around for decades. The building is blue-gray, but the surface, the materials inside, are very practical. Grandpa said, people nowadays, doing things like this, just watching money doesn't look at quality, how to get it quickly, but how can the house come in chaos? The house is going to live for a hundred years! He thought about it again. He didn't know what to say, but he had to sigh. He has it since ancient times! Wenzhou is like this, no, it is not only Wenzhou, but our country is not, no! We were very happy when we came. When we left, we watched the water on the road and left a sigh Marlboro Lights. The rain is still very big.
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