tle friend of the neighbors ran, greeted the mother, folded a few branches, and ran back happily, and inserted it on his own threshold. Hearing the old man said that this is to avoid evil. There is also a prayer to heaven, the weather is good. In fact, the most practical is the dried willow leaves as the summer wheat harvest time. At breakfast, burn a pot of boiling water, put the willow leaves collected in the Qingming, wait until the harvest back Filled with a green tea leaf, refreshing and quenching thirst. The mother said that the willow tea is a good natural choice, because it also has the effect of removing heat from the heat. Summer begins in the first tweet that we know. Every time I hear you, I will pick up that one Parliament Cigarettes. "Childhood" filled with infinite childlike life, just changed the lyrics inside into "the willow tree at the door of the house, knowing the sound of the summer called...". In addition to climbing trees and catching it, my brother often took it. I am a bird. The tool for playing birds is called a slingshot. It is a tree shovel that is cut from the willow tree and tied with a rubber band. It is made into a slingshot that can be used to play pebbles. It is not easy to find a standard "Ѿ" shaped tree fork. It is necessary to carefully observe it in order to choose an ideal one. Because the tree that can do the slingshot not only needs to satisfy the "Ѿ" shape, but also the handle. The place is thick enough, the branches are straight, the width can't be too big, but the stone is too narrow to shoot. So my brother sent me to climb the tree to find and find the slingshot that makes him satisfied. As for the bird, now I can't remember it. How much was hit, but the accuracy of the bird was practiced with a canned bottle for a while. When the autumn wind came, the yellow leaves were still full, the willow at the door still kept his Dark green, tree species throughout the yard , Green willow always wanted to stay to the end, in order to reduce winter depression, lonely time. Winter is coming to spring, year after year, my brother and I are constantly learning to spend the good years of that childhood. In a blink of an eye, we have all established a family, and people have arrived. Because of my work needs Wholesale Cigarettes, my brother and I have settled in different cities, and the parents at home are still accompanied by the old willow tree at the door. Every time I go home, my mother never forgets to read it. When I was a child, my willow tree was planted by my brother. The tree pole was mottled and wrinkled, recording the wind and rain of its growth. Now it is already ancient trees. When the Spring Festival went back to the New Year, when I arrived at the entrance of the hospital, I felt empty and empty. The old willow tree disappeared. When I asked my father, he said happily: "You have grown up. You have grown up, and this willow tree has become a talent. I want to make it into a cutting board. I will give you two pieces each, and the chopping board sold in the city is not as good as the old willow wood in the house." Speaking proudly, after the Spring Festival Newport Cigarettes Coupons, the father has put two pieces. The trimmed willow wood cutting board is ready. My brother and I also brought it back to the cities where we work and live. Spring blossoms, another year of Ching Ming Festival, should have gone back to worship the ancestors, but because of the busy work, we have not rushed back to the home. When I dialed the phone, I greeted my old mother, and the first sentence of my mother��s opening was: "Looking at the willow board!" I said, "Let's make it." She smiled and said: "I Old, you are all good.

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