Wrong, everyone will commit crimes, just as they don't leave the ground for a lifetime, naturally avoiding the danger of drowning, but only after experiencing drowning and exhaustion can they appreciate the style and happiness of alternative life. In the long journey of life, many times, we grow up in error and make mistakes when we grow up. Errors, in a sense, are inevitable factors in achieving life Newport 100S. From the time we came to this world, we began to make mistakes, but in the mistakes, we will stumble and walk; in the wrong, we will talk and talk; in the wrong, we use the tender hands to write and draw; in the wrong, we will Use our shallow wisdom to win the teacher's parents' boasting; in the wrong Marlboro Gold, we will use the fingers to hit the keyboard. In the error, we learn to enter the competition with our own knowledge. We are all grown up, sensible, and mature. But in life, keeping some mistakes can create a beautiful life. It is not a mistake to correct, it is not correct or correct. Sometimes, mistakes are also happy and beautiful. A special road sign. Keep some traces of mistakes, that is another beautiful place! A student is called to the office by the teacher for being late, which seems to be a common thing in education, but In my opinion, this is not the best way to solve the problem. People who are educated have education, and children in youth have a strong rebellious mentality. As a teacher, what is needed is to use the situation to guide the students, to find the mistakes themselves, and then to correct the mistakes. If we are blindly emphasizing the majesty of the teachers, then I think, what we get is not the students' convictions, but more of the short-term commitments of the students. In fact, mistakes are also a kind of beauty, the key lies iF the mentality of the parties. To face it. Edison��s story of inventing the electric light is familiar to everyone. While praising Edison��s success, I also appreciate his mistakes in the process of invention. Because of this Countless mistakes, the light that Edison finally brought to humans is even more dazzling. The sea has tides, how can life not rise and fall? I now feel that the mistakes in life can be forgiven, and sometimes they feel very Cute. Because of them, this life will not become dead, completely "correct" people have joys and sorrows, and the moon is full of gloom and gloom mokingusacigarettes.com. Indeed, giving others a little more tolerance, the world will be more beautiful; giving more appreciation to the mistakes, the world will be a little more lovely.
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