Green is the color of vitality; green is the color of life; green is the color of tomorrow. Everything should be green in the life that people are pursuing and pursuing. Food is green. Without food, human beings cannot survive. Green is the guarantee of all safety and a better life. The environment is green, and both rural and urban areas will be red, green and tree-lined. The flowers will render the whole earth, the smog is no longer, people no longer need to wear masks. The traffic is green, the car will travel in an orderly manner, there will be no traffic accidents, people no longer worry about the safety of friends and family. If the world is green everywhere, how good our life will be, Li Shiyun: "Flower idiots come out handsome guys." (Lee family tree, my family tree, I remember the last time, one of my same sex My friend wrote in Zhou Ji: I made a good friend with a flower. I didn��t expect that the whole class would look at me with a brush. Yes, it��s a flower idiot for me. I don��t deny this view, and I agree with my hands. I remember an accidental opportunity Online Cigarettes. I accidentally saw a "super handsome guy" beside the canteen. So I followed him all the way, looked at him, and made a shocking move - every day after lunch. Hiding down the window and looking down until he reached his arrogance. However, he later felt that his neck was too long, his body was too high, and he did not have a beautiful proportion. If he was "�", I would not be interested in him. There is Hunan TV's hit TV series "Because love is sunny", the character of Ye Nandi, Peng Guanying, who is too handsome... because he can't often see him, so I buy it. a few of his Paper, after school, from time to time to take a look, my heart is particularly comfortable. As for my same-sex friend said that I am very crazy, it is because I really do not want to always recite: ancient clouds, English words And sentence patterns, historical figures, and the like, and I don't want to always write the disgusting mathematical formula on the book. I don't want to be a loyal audience under the stage play, and I don't want to be a researcher in the biology class. I don't want to be a serious calculator in the mathematics classroom. I would rather be a idiot and be a full-fledged idiot. Because the idiot can at least enrich my after-school life Cigarettes For Sale, so that I am no longer a boring "prostitute." "I am no longer just thinking that there is only a book in this world, which makes me more open to the "eyes." I think it is not bad to spend a little crazy: as long as you spend the right thing, you are ok, not your whole heart. Students who are insane, in the midst of intense study, spend a little bit of time, not only regulate the fatigue of the brain, but also make our life full of fun Cheap Cigarettes, why not be happy?
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