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Thread: Is wine good for you?

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    Is wine good for you?

    Hello Friends I found this information very help full who drink wine.

    The negative side of wine
    Wine, however, is not for everyone. Certain medical conditions are worsened by the consumption of wine, so itís vital you seek the advice of your personal physician. Hereís a few things to know:

    * High Triglycerides: One downside to wine consumption is that it can elevate triglyceride levels, which is associated with health problems such as diabetes. Those who already have high triglycerides should, therefore, avoid or dramatically limit their wine (and alcohol) consumption.
    * Breast Cancer Risk: Studies have shown alcohol can increase estrogen levels and raise tumor progression in women with (or at high risk for) estrogen positive breast cancer.
    * Migraines: Wine is often a big trigger for people who suffer with migraine headaches. Although white wine contains more sulfites than red wine (sulfites are added to white wine to preserve its light color), red wine seems to be a much bigger migraine trigger. Thatís probably due to the accumulation of histamines and tannins from prolonged contact with the skin.
    * Weight Gain: People who drink alcohol also consume empty calories, calories that lack nutrients and can lead to weight gain.
    * Five ounces white or red wine = approximately 120 calories. Drink a bottle of wine (4 glasses), and youíll be consuming about 480 calories (thatís the equivalent of two 20-ounce Cokes!).
    * Hereís how alcohol compares to carbohydrate/protein/fat:
    1 gram carb = 4 calories
    1 gram protein = 4 calories
    1 gram fat = 9 calories
    1 gram alcohol = 7 calories

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    Re: Is wine good for you?

    I agree with your Good information about wine. Wine is really not Good for Good health.

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    Re: Is wine good for you?

    It is really nice that you have find out one measurement of drinking wine, it is most helpful, I have not down measurement, I will use it, it should be necessary for whoever being wine drink, it is one kind of required medical treat for wine drinks.

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    Re: Is wine good for you?

    Yeah,i agree with you to measurement the quantity of wine its not good for health it directly impact on your mind with in a second you may loss your thinking ability....most of people use wine for the relaxation of mind and to reduce the amount of tension....STOP WINE

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